Mack, Victoria

Victoria Mack
Victoria Mack
Office Manager
Office Phone: 214.276.0352 ext. 2188
Cell Phone: 940.781.9942
Office Hours: By appointment
Tutoring Hours: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Primary Room Number: 500
Undergraduate Degree:
Midwestern State University
Bachelors Degree in Sociology
Williams Preparatory has created an encouraging and welcoming environment for students to set high goals and achieve them. This will be my fifth year at Williams Preparatory and as each year passes, I learn more each day about my students.
I strive to do my best each day to help my students succeed in my classes as well as in their school year. Education needs to be fun in order to learn the content of each class. I strive to better myself by continuing to attend classes and workshops to better understand how to get each student to reach their full potential.
This year, I am taking a step back to observe and learn about education from a different perspective. I plan to help the school by assisting teachers in their needs as well as budgeting this school year in the most efficient way.