The Nurses and Medical Assistants at Peak can provide referrals for any family that is in need of medical care.  We can help families find a Primary Care physician whether they have insurance, chips, Medicaid or no insurance.  So if there is a need, please contact us.


Lynne Roffino, RN, Nurse Supervisor for Uplift Peak and Uplift Luna, Office in the Middle School Clinic

Immunization Requirements 

Click here to visit the Texas Department of State Health Services for information on immunization requirements.

The DFW Care Van Program Community Outreach Program provides Free Immunizations for children 2 months through 18 years of age. Click Here for a list of dates and locations

For our High School Students planning to attend college, a reminder about immunizations:  Scholars who are eligible for TVFC (Texas Vaccines For Children)  and are over 18,  no longer qualify for free immunizations under the Texas Vaccines for Children.  So don't put these off.  Check with your Primary Care Physician or Clinic and make sure your scholar is up to date for College.

 ImmTrac Videos


Keep Track of Your Child's Vaccines with ImmTrac

Two moms talking about ImmTrac.

This video provides information for expectant parents and new mothers about the benefits of keeping track of their child’s immunizations through ImmTrac, the Texas immunization registry. It encourages parents to register their newborn in ImmTrac before leaving the hospital.


"Keep track of your child's vaccines with ImmTrac"

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"Mantenga el récord de vacunas de su hijo con ImmTrac"

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