School Profile & Financial Information

Uplift Heights Uplift Heights Preparatory

(Grades K-3 & 6-10, planned K-12)

2650 Canada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75212
Year opened: 2010-11
Number of scholars (2014-15): 1,018

School Leadership Team:

K-3, 6-8

  •  Karen Salerno, Managing Director (K-8)
    • Kristin Algier, Primary Director
      • Sarah Chambers, PYP Dean
    • Cody Yocom, Middle School Director
      • Julian Torres, MYP Dean
      • Kaitlin Meyer, MYP Dean


  • Karen Evans, Associate Managing Director (9-12)
    • Andrew Baca, AP/IB Dean Lead
      • Nicole Lyons, Dean of College Prep
      • Kris Thibaut, High School Dean of Students


  • Layne Fisher, Associate Director of Operations
    • Myrtha Dubois, Operations Director 

Accountability Reports and Financial Information