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Parents and scholars:

Uniforms are an important part of our culture. It builds scholar responsibility and school culture while also ensuring our scholars are focusing on academics, rather than fashion trends. Most importantly having all scholars in the required uniform provides a safer environment by allowing all staff to identify individuals on campus who are out of uniform.  At Uplift Heights, we take uniforms very seriously.

This packet details Uplift Heights Preparatory High School’s strict Uniform Guidelines. Uniforms are MANDATORY every day. Per the Scholar Code of Conduct, any scholar that is missing any or part of their uniform will be subject to administrative consequences. All scholars will go through a uniform check upon entering the building every morning. If found out of uniform, they will be directed to contact their parents/guardians and administration will issue actions accordingly based on uniform infractions.  Actions could include having parents/guardians bring missing uniform to school, deans detention and suspension to address any ongoing concerns.  It is the parents/guardians and scholars responsibility to ensure that they are in 100% accordance with the Uniform Guidelines. Scholars found out of uniform throughout the day are subject to detention and additional administrative actions if uniforms are not in compliance.   

Uniforms may be purchased through AFFORDABLE UNIFORMS (7014 Bruton Rd, Dallas, TX 75217, 214-206-1977). If you ever have any issues purchasing or acquiring their uniform, please reach out to the Dean of Students by contacting the school’s front office.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring 100% uniformity from our scholars.


Uplift Heights Preparatory High School Staff

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