Join the Uplift Education “Community Advocacy Coalition”

Advocating for Choice Uplift Education originated from a group of dedicated community advocates in Irving who decided they wanted to have an impact on public education. Today Uplift operates 28 public charter schools in 13 different locations. This growth would not have been possible without support from our parents and community.

Our Community Advocacy Coalition is comprised of parents, teachers, directors, board members, students, and community leaders who believe that all children should have an opportunity to attend college and all families should have an opportunity to choose the best public school for their students.

To be an Advocate all you need to do is be willing exercise your VOICE in support of Uplift and our mission. Advocacy can be as simple as talking to your neighbors and debunking public charter myths to sending a letter to your elected official or testifying during a public hearing. You can choose the level at which you want to be involved – but it is important to be involved! Please sign up to be part of the Community Advocacy Coalition by checking the link below. Together we can make a difference for Uplift schools and for public education overall. 

To learn more about the charter school movement at the state level, visit the Texas Charter School Association