Hiring Process 

Please read this process closely. We expect all of our candidates to follow this order. We will communicate with you about your status in the process. Thank you for your interest in Uplift Education.  

  1. Candidate completes online application through the Uplift Education website.
  2. Recruiter screens applicants based on the skills and experience the hiring manager is seeking for the position.
  3. Qualified applicants are contacted to complete a 30 minute phone interview. All qualified candidates must meet highly-qualified requirements.
  4. Teacher and School Leader candidates are emailed a Simulation Activity upon successful completion of the phone interview. 
  5. Candidates that meet the minimum qualifications on the phone interview and simulation activity are then placed in the “High Quality Candidate” database.
  6. The 2-5 highest scoring “High Quality Candidates” for a posted position are sent to the school leader to be considered for participation in a final interview.  Many candidates will be asked to deliver a 15-20 minute model lesson at the campus as a part of their final interview.
  7. Upon successful completion of reference and background checks, the selected candidate is issued an offer of employment.
  8. After signing and returning an offer letter, the candidate will be scheduled to attend a New Hire Orientation. Candidates are considered official Uplift employees after new hire training.