What did you do after graduation?

Meredith: For me, I always wanted to go to Baylor. I applied and had accepted my admissions offer by September of my senior year. It was great to have Elizabeth there as my best friend, and together we learned how to navigate the social world at Baylor together. 

Elizabeth: The culture at North Hills had developed a strong desire in me to go out of state for college. I applied to Baylor, and then to all West Coast schools – a couple different UCs, Pepperdine, USC and some others. In the end though, I chose Baylor.

What was college like for you?

It was a bit of a shocking going to such a big university after having a graduating class of 37, so my freshman year was a an adjustment period. I had considered teaching and nursing paths and wound up majoring in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. I studied abroad in Spain, which was an amazing experience. I was also active in the Pi Beta Phi sorority, played intramural sports and was in SING at Baylor.
elizabeth image
Elizabeth: I decided to major in Journalism and minor in English and World Affairs. College got better and better each year. It did take us a while to figure out the social aspects of things, but being involved in things like soccer helped. Our senior year, we lived together with eight girls in an old house. Some of our best and funniest memories come from that house. I also studied abroad junior year in the Netherlands. I think coming out of North Hills, we both just viewed studying abroad as part of the college experience and something we knew we would do.  

What are you doing now?

After I graduated from Baylor, I spent a year working for a supply chain logistics company. It wasn’t for me, so I started looking for other options. Then Dr. Huff called and had a 7th grade teaching position open at North Hills. Now I’m in my second year teaching that class, and I also serve as the cross-country coach. You never know what junior high kids are going to say – they are hilarious. I definitely want to stick with teaching. 

Elizabeth: I spent an extra year at Baylor and got my Master’s in Journalism. Now I’m teaching Humanities part-time at North Hills and writing a book on the side. I have the best of both worlds. I plan challenging, engaging curriculums of my own, and I get to write on the side.