About the HERO program 

The mission of Uplift Education’s HERO mentor program is to pair students with supportive community role models in order to positively impact the lives of our students. Through commitment to this relationship, mentors will help empower students as they cultivate the skills necessary to reach their highest potential by demonstrating caring concern and support, offering assistance during the college application process, advising students during the high school to college transition, and providing opportunities and guidance for career exploration.

Working with Juniors

Counselors start meeting with the scholars in the winter of their Junior year.  Be there for your scholar right from the beginning! As a mentor to a Junior, you will be able to help your scholar in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Start the college admissions process;
  • Research and explore different college options;
  • Brainstorm and draft college admissions essay;
  • Find and apply to volunteer and enrichment opportunities to build up their college resume.

The Junior program begins in January of the scholar’s junior year.  We ask that you continue to work with your student through the senior year and roll over into the program described below.  The is an 18-month commitment.  Of course, you are encouraged you to stay in touch while he or she is in college.

Working with Seniors

Senior year is an intense time for scholars as they apply to college, pick which school to attend, and transitioning successfully to college.  Be a guide during this intense and exciting time in scholar’s lives! 

  • Review essays and supplements for college and financial aid applications
  • Practice interviewing with your scholar
  • Investigate career opportunities
  • Prepare your scholar to leave home for the first time and matriculate successfully into college

Mentor Requirements

As a mentor, you will be able to assist your scholar in a variety of ways.  The goal of this program is to provide scholars with role models.  Mentoring is a rewarding and challenging experience.  In order to provide the best possible experience for both you and your mentee, we ask that you:    

  • Attend Mentor Training prior to being matched with a student.  During this training, you will be provided with a workbook that includes the College Application Timeline and student action items for the year, suggestions for meetings, and overview of HERO events. You are not alone! This workbook and the Road to College Coordinator are here to help you work with your scholar.
  • Meet with your mentee for at least 2 hours a month.  This can be done with on or off campus at your convenience.  You can attend workshops, eat lunch with your student, or meet with them before or after school. 
  • Keep track of your face-to-face interactions in the Mentor Meeting Log
  • Participate in the HERO mentor events.  Throughout the year, we host events for pairs.  These events may include 5ks, community service, game nights, movie nights, and application workshops.
  • Attend College Signing Day and Graduation during your scholar's senior year.