Uplift Education offers safe, free schools where
100% of our graduates are accepted to college.

Uplift Education is a smart choice
If you are looking for a school with a high-quality program, consider applying to an Uplift Education school. Uplift was started in Dallas/Ft. Worth in 1996 and currently has 32 schools on 14 campuses and serves 12,000 students.
Here's what sets us apart: 
school size
Our schools are small. 
Wherever we can, we start K-12 schools on a single campus, but our grade sizes never grow beyond 150 students. Our teachers know our students all the way through school and take the time to help them every step of the way. 
IB schools
We are International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. 
IB is a rigorous program that emphasizes critical thinking skills, scholarship, and other characteristics that help scholars succeed in college. Several of our schools have already been certified. The rest of our programs are either in the process of becoming certified or are preparing to start the process.
college counseling
We offer extensive college counseling services. 
Our Road to College program begins working with scholars in 6th grade to help them understand the transition to college and how to prepare for it. Our scholars often visit more than 20 colleges by their junior year.
small schools
We have great results! 
All five of our charter districts met Texas accountability ratings. 100% of our graduates are accepted to college. The class of 2013 received more than $58 million in scholarships, grants and financial aid.



You can send your children to:
your neighborhood 
public school 
These are public schools run by your local school district. Local taxes fund them based on enrollment.
a magnet school
These are public schools that focus on a specific area like arts or sciences. Admission is by application and is highly competitive.
an independent school
These are private schools than aren't a part of a larger organization. They charge tuition, which is often more than $15,000 per child. Admission is often determined by ability and is highly selective.
a religiously affiliated school
These schools are run by religious organizations and teach the basic ideas of the organization's faith. Admission is by application and tends to be less selective. These schools charge tuition, but it tends to be lower than independent schools--though not always.
a charter school
Charter schools are free public schools. They admit through lotteries, do not charge tuition, and limit enrollment to keep the number of students per grade level low.

Uplift Education


So how do I choose a school?