How to choose a school 

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1. Look to the end. Does your high school prioritize college?

You can learn a lot about your school by finding out what they think about college. Not every student chooses to go to college, but they should at least have the chance. Not all schools practice this every day. Making sure your children are prepared for college will help them greatly even if they decide to take a different route after high school.


2. Is the school safe?

When children aren’t safe at school, they can’t learn. If they can’t learn, they are likely to give up on school. If you feel your school isn’t safe, look for an alternative. 


3. Does your high school have college-ready SAT scores?

A college-ready SAT score should be at least a 1070. Colleges don’t only look at this number, but it is important.


4. What are the teachers like?

Does the school have great teachers? Do they take the time to answer your questions when you go to visit? Make appointments. Don’t be shy. Ask lots of questions about what the school teaches. You might not be able to understand everything (teaching programs can be complicated!), but don’t be afraid to ask. The more you do, the more you will learn about it.

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5. Does it cost money?

Public schools are free, but independent schools charge money to attend. What they cost per year can differ greatly. Religious schools are often less than non-religious schools. Neighborhood public schools and charter school (a type of public school) are free. Charter schools usually require you to apply and select students via a lottery.


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