Description of Enrollment Documents on Infosnap

1.    Student Information. 

This section requests student and parent demographic information, and the student’s basic academic services history.


2.    Family Information. 

This section requests parent/guardian contact information. 

3.    Emergency/Medical. 

This section requests emergency contact information, student’s medical history, medical authorization forms and the Emergency Medical Authorization.

4.    Enrollment.

This section includes all federal and state required information including ethnicity and race and the Home Language Survey.


5.    Agreements. 

This section includes agreements with the school including:

a.    Media Release.  Authorization to allow the scholar to be photographed during the school day or at school sponsored events.

b.    FERPA.  Authorization to allow the release of demographic information to be included in the school’s directory’s and school sponsored events. 

c.    Volunteer Consent Form.  Authorization to run background checks on all parents planning to volunteer at the school or at school sponsored events.   

d.    Transportation Release Authorization.  This form outlines normal and emergency release procedures and allows the parent to identify individuals authorized to pick up the scholar from school. 

e.    Technology Use Policy.   Agreement between the student, parent and the school regarding the use of school technology, systems security, intellectual property and privacy, and appropriate use of school technology. 


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