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Mi Escuelita and Uplift Team to Provide Excellent Education Options in DFW

Paul Trejo is now 26 and working on Wall Street. He came to Mi Escuelita as a preschooler with little or no English background. With his parents each working two jobs, Trejo received a scholarship to attend a private, local grade school, attended the University of Pennsylvania on scholarship, and went on to the Wharton School. His father commented, “I worked construction, my wife cleaned houses…now my child is on Wall Street because of Mi Escuelita.”

Serving 400 children at five locations throughout Dallas, Mi Escuelita has changed the lives of thousands of children in the city by providing early English education to children ages 2.5-5 years. This lays a necessary foundation for a successful academic career. Many Mi Escuelita students become Uplift scholars, and Uplift is excited to continue to partner with this organization to close the achievement gap in North Texas.

Mi Escuelita provides two programs. One is a Head Start program funded by the federal government, with no tuition paid by parents who qualify economically. The preschool also offers a private, paid program for $75 a week, with the remainder of the tuition money raised in scholarship support. 

 “Most of our families are first generation American. Statistics show these children have challenges beyond the language barrier. There is also a cultural barrier. We work with children and parents. We aren’t just changing the child; we are changing the whole family, ” Executive Director Gayle Nave explained.

Not only does the school impact entire families by partnering with local agencies to provide social services, but 100% of Mi Escuelita families volunteer at the school. While the classroom offers full English immersion, the Together We Learn Program allows parents to work with children each night to reinforce concepts in their native language.

 Mi Escuelita and Uplift share a common mission.  “Our philosophy and culture is very similar. We raise the bar so our students can exceed it. The amazing potential unlocked in those early years at Mi Escuelita is realized at Uplift,” Nave said.

Mi Escuelita Preschool

Mi Escuelita Preschool teaches English to children from all cultures and prepares them for academic success.

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