Ms. Copelin               Ms. Copelin 
                                              7th Pre-Algebra and Honors Algebra I
                                                   Cheer Coach      
                                                   Conference Time: 11:30-1:30 (A Day) 
                                                   Tutoring times: Tuesday/Fridays beginning at 7:30         
                                                   Degree: BA Sam Houston State University     
    Biography:  My name is Sandi Copelin.   I am really excited to start my 3rd year at North Hills and can't wait to work with my new scholars.  
    This is my 22nd  year in the classroom and I have taught in a variety of different types of schools.  North Hills, by far, has been the best.
    I believe in partnering with parents to instill a good work ethic and good character in my scholars.  
    "A mathematical theory is not to be considered complete until you have made it so clear that you can explain it to the first man whom you meet on the street."
    by David Hilbert