• Dr Lisa Hill
    Dr. Lisa Hill
    MYP Theatre Teacher
    6th-8th Grades
    Office Hours: 1st Period B Days and 2nd Period A days
    Room Number: 114
    Undergraduate Degree:
    University of North Texas
    Masters Degree:
    University of North Texas
    Doctorate Degree:
    Dallas Baptist University
    Google Classroom 
    6th Grade - 4zgtnb6
    7th Grade - dubvelg
    8th Grade - qwi3ee7
     While the GoNoodle activities are perfect for primary scholars, there are MANY that the middle school scholars enjoy as well...and now Parents can access the videos for free!
    GoNoodle created a free online resource GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home. It includes premium content and learning materials including movement and mindfulness videos as well as downloadable learning resources and ideas for off-screen activities - and if you sign up for email updates, they plan to send new ideas, activities, and tools to you weekly. There’s also a Good Energy channel on all GoNoodle home apps (iOSAndroidAppleTVFireRoku) where all the best GoNoodle videos can be used by kids directly. Whether it takes the form of a family dance party, a song and activity that reinforces something kids are learning at school, or a mindfulness or yoga video to help us all relieve stress and get a break from the intensity of it all - let’s all work to create Good Energy with our kids during this stressful time.