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    Dear North Hills Preparatory High School Families,


    My name is Mr. Bonanno and I will serve as your scholar’s Geometry teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. I am eager to have your scholar in my class!


    Geometry is a mathematics course that enables scholars to study the world around them in an abstract way. Students will explore concepts covering coordinate and transformational geometry, logical argument and constructions, proof and congruence, similarity, trigonometry, two- and three- dimensional figures, circles, and probability.  These topics are reinforced through definitions and real world applications.


    I expect all scholars to work hard, be reflective, respectful, ask questions, and actively participate. All scholars will be expected to show their work to receive credit even when using a calculator.  Tutoring for Geometry are most days during Advisory Period. I will also be available to help students before school from 7:45am-8:15am. During this time, students can receive help on assignments or techniques for studying, test corrections, and organizing.


    I am thrilled to serve as your scholar’s instructor for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have any questions or concerns, the quickest way to reach me is through email at pbonanno@uplifteducation.org. Together we will work to help your scholar be successful and thrive at North Hills Preparatory.


    This is going to be an incredible year and I am excited to serve your scholar!                                                                                   

    Supply List


    Scholars should bring the following supplies to class everyday


    Required Supplies: 3-ring binder (preferably 2 inch.), notebook paper, pencils, erasers


    Course Grading


    Tests/Projects:  60%                     Quizzes:  25%                Classwork/Homework:  15%



    Late Work


    Graded homework assignments that are turned in late can earn a maximum score of 70% if turned in within one (1) class period.  After one (1) class period late, the maximum earned score can be 50%.


    Dress Code and Tardies


                Students must wear proper school attire at all times and be in accordance with the Student Handbook.  Any and every violation of the Dress Code will result in a detention and parent contact.  Every three (3) tardies will result in a detention and parent contact. 




                It is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed assignments and assessments.  The student must turn in all assignments that were due on the day of their absence the day they return or it is considered late.  The student must make up the test or quiz the day they return or it will be graded as a 0% and the maximum score that can be earned will be an 80% for tests and 70% for quizzes.  The student must plan on taking the test or quiz the day they return either during Advisory Period or after school THAT day.

    We will follow the UNHP secondary school policy on late work and absences.  If students are absent for an excused reason, any work that was due on the first day they missed (including tests) must be turned in or taken the day they return to class.  If students are absent for a single class day in which the class reviewed for a previously scheduled exam and no new material was covered, but they are present on the day of the exam, they will be expected to take the exam.  Students have the number of class days they missed in order to make up missed assignments for full credit.


    Test Retakes


                Only scholars who receive a grade below an 80% on a test are eligible for a retake.  The scholar may not earn a grade higher than an 80% on the retake.  The scholar must come in for 2 tutorial sessions in order to retake a test.  The first tutorial session is to do corrections on the test and the second tutorial session will be to retake another similar test.  It is the scholar’s responsibility to come in for the two (2) tutorial sessions within one (1) week of receiving the test grade, otherwise the original grade will remain.


    Saturday School


    Scholars who have missing work or who have failed a test or quiz must attend Saturday School to make up the missing work, do test or quiz corrections, or retake a failed test.  If the scholar turns in the missing work, corrects a quiz or test, or retakes a failed test before the scheduled Saturday School appointment, then they do not need to attend Saturday School.




    Before school: 7:45am – 8:15am

    Advisory Period: 1:40pm – 2:25pm

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