• The Middle is excited to announce that one of our priorities for this year is, Parent, School, & Community Ties. The goal of this priority is to engage all stakeholders in the school’s culture, by focusing on involving parents in the learning environment. This means that we need you! There are a number of opportunities for everyone to volunteer. Please utilized the tab to the left (Middle School Volunteer Opportunities) to show your support. 
    We have a number of ways that your support and donations are impacting the culture of UHP Middle School. Read the information below or email the Middle School Director at aparks@uplifteducation.org for more information. 
    Middle School Advisories are now called Houses. Each scholar belongs to a house and this is how it works.
    Each house has an opportunity to gain various levels for academic and behavioral performance. If ___% of scholars in each house perform well on the components listed below- that house will gain points.

    Level 4= 90% or higher= 50 points
    Level 3= 80-89%= 30 points
    Level 2=61-79%= 15 points
    Level 1= 60% or lower= 5 points

    Here is an example list of performance based opportunities (definitely not comprehensive) for the school year:
    • MAP Test Goal Attainment from Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring (School Learning Climate)
    • % of scholars meeting or exceeding the standards on CA (School Learning Climate)
    • Ratio of Merits to Demerits Issued (School Learning Climate)
    • # of Involved Parents at various events and meetings (Parent, School, & Community Ties)
    • % of parents donating to or volunteering at the middle school  (Parent, School, & Community Ties)
    • # of scholars receiving power passes (School Learning Climate)
    • School Spirit as outlined in various challenges such as the orange and blue day. (School Learning Climate)
    • Teacher Investment and Involvement (Professional Capacity)
    • Teacher Engagement and Execution (Professional Capacity)
    • Teacher Accountability & Timeliness (Professional Capacity)
    • Collaboration and Camaraderie for both scholars and teachers (School Learning Climate)

    The points convert to different awards such as free dress days or weeks (scholars and teachers), special field trips, ice cream socials, pizza parties, preferential treatment days, picnics, cookouts, movie days, and the spot light award; just to name a few. The greater the prize the more points you have to earn.

    As you can see each component listed is associated to one of our strategic priorities and provides each scholar and staff member with an opportunity to shine!

    Parent's, with your assistance we can take our culture to the next level! Get involved today!



    Mrs. Parks

    Middle School Director