• Dystopian Notes

    Please print these out and bring them to the next class.

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  • Aristotle's Rhetorical Triangle

    Audience, Subject, Speaker.

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    We gon' learn ALL these prepositions...through song! And it's gon' be GREAT!


        Preposition Preposition Starting With An "A"
        Aboard About Above (Fast)
        Across After Against (Fast)
        Along Amid Among Around As AT (Slow)
        Preposition Preposition Starting With A "B"
        Before Behind Below (Fast)
        Beneath Beside Between (Fast)
        Beyond But By (Slow)
        Preposition Preposition Starting With A "D"
        Down During
        Preposition Preposition Don't Go Away, Go To The Middle And See What We Say. E F I and L N O
        Except For From (Fast)
        In Inside Into (Fast)
        Like (SNAP)
        Near Of Off (Fast)
        On Out Outside Over (Slow)


                        Preposition Preposition Almost Through. Start With P And End with W.

                        Past Since Through (Fast)

        Throughout To Toward (Fast)
        Under Underneath (Fast)
        Until Up Upon (Fast)
                With Within Without (Slow)


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  • Language of Poetry Workshop

    Please use the information from this pdf to complete the poetry notes handout.

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  • Poetry Notes Handout

    Please print or copy the information from this document then fill in the blanks using the pdf labeled "Language of Poetry Workshop."

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