Road To College

  • A college-preparatory education is more than just talk.  We walk the walk with our scholars with a three part, proprietary Road To College (RTC) program that is an active part of every middle school and high school campus.

    Part 1:  Prepare

    rtc photo In addition to academic preparation, the RTC program prepares scholars for the college process through college visits, college fairs, internships and special seminars.  The goal is to help each scholar find a college match that fits him or her academically, socially and financially.


    Part 2: Pursue

    100% college acceptance is not just a goal, but a reality.  When it’s time to begin the college application process, our RTC counselors guide scholars through the process, including essay writing and financial aid applications.  By pursuing those colleges and universities that are deemed to match the needs of the scholars, we repeatedly see the 100% acceptance rate.


    Part 3: Persist

    The RTC program does not stop when our scholars graduate.  Our aim is to not only get our scholars into the right college, but to do all we can to help our scholars succeed in college and eventually earn a degree.  Alumni Counselors and Alumni Ambassadors maintain contact with graduates and help smooth any bumps in the road.