• MYP Theatre Arts Syllabus 2019-2020

    Uplift North Hills Preparatory

    Mrs. Quadres



    Supplies Needed

    1 Plastic Folder w/ Brads & Pockets

    1 Composition Book (Wide or College Ruled)

    1 Pkg. Multiple colored highlighters (This will remain with your scholar)

    Pencils (Preferably in a pencil bag that is used for each class.)

    Course Objective

    The course covers theater arts as an overview to production and performance. Theatre history and dramaturgy will be covered as well as introduction to technical theater and acting. This is a PERFORMANCE based course. All scholars will learn the following as part of basic acting such as, relaxation, warm-ups, proper breathing techniques, stage movement, improvisation and performance. Scholars are expected to participate in all aspects of the class to achieve well-rounded theatre arts understanding and mastery. With seldom exemptions, students will work bell to bell: opening activity, teacher/student lesson, guided/independent/group practice/performance and a closing activity. Life skills such as self-management, communication, leadership, social skills, collaboration, dealing with success & failure and learning true empathy are keystones of what MYP Theatre aims to build.


    MYP Theatre Arts Units by Level (Bold indicates Evening Performance Summative)


    Level 1      (6th Grade)

    Level 2     (7th Grade)

    Level 3     (8th Grade)

    Unit 1: Defining Us/Poetry 

    Unit 1: Theatre & Activism ~ Playwriting

    Unit 1: Duet Acting ~ Beyond Basics

    Unit 2: Theatre History ~ Greek Theatre

    MYP Criterion A & D

    Unit 2: Theatre History ~ Italian Commedia 

    MYP Criterion A & D

    Unit 2: Musical Theatre

    MYP Criterion A & D

    Unit 3: Activism Through Voice/Movement

    MYP Criterion B & C 

    Unit 3: Stage Combat

    MYP Criterion A, B, C & D

    Unit 3: Student Directing

    MYP Criterion B & C

    Unit 4: Technical Design

    MYP Criterion A, B, C & D

    Unit 4: Improvisation

    Unit 4: Shakespeare by Design

    MYP Criterion A, B, C & D

    Unit 5: Production

    Unit 5: Process and Production

    MYP Criterion A, B, C & D

    Unit 5: Activism in Film

    Unit 6: Puppetry and Genre

    Unit 6: Acting ~ Beyond Basics





    Theater Arts is highly participatory and most grades will be performance based. Group projects and ensemble work are essential to MYP Theatre. However, the scholars will be graded independently on their own contributions to group work. Attitude is everything :)

    The grading policy will follow UNHP MS guidelines.

    • Evening Performance Expectations
      1. Evening performances are summative grades.
      2. Evening Performance Dates will be located in the Blog section of this website as soon as possible (check back soon).
      3. It is the job of the scholar and parent to communicate conflicts immediately and proactively. (Consider sports/after-school)
      4. Please try to schedule doctor’s appointments at a time that does not conflict with theatre class as absences affect the entire class.
      5. Evening Performances may not be made up for a grade and tickets are non-refundable.


    • Extended Learning Opportunities
      1. Critique Professional Theatre Performance
      2. Participate in MS Theatre Club
      3. Run Crew for other grade level productions
      4. Prep and Breakdown for the year.
      5. Musical Theatre Summer Camp

    Theatre Classroom Essential Skills

    1. Demonstrate control over your voice & body.
    2. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    3. Always come to class prepared and on time.
    4. Maintain concentration and stay on task.
    5. Audience Etiquette: Silent, Still & Supportive


    Discipline and Consequences

    • Due to the nature of project based learning, if there is persistent, negative or distracting behavior by a scholar, an alternative project may be assigned in order to prevent adversely affecting others.
    • Discipline procedures will follow UNHP Middle School guidelines (see handbook).


    Communication with Families

    • Grades will be posted on Powerschool and updated regularly.
    • Due to the nature of the units, summative grades are often taken at the beginning of the quarter, starting with Q2. In the case of 8th grade, some performance projects may span the course of two quarters. This may cause the gradebook to look under or overloaded at times.
    • Additionally, multiple grades will be taken on performance projects. Therefore, it is imperative that your scholar understand the importance of each unit assessments. For each project, your scholar will be provided with a GRASPS sheet explaining the project as well as the steps to complete it. Both GRASPS and Rubrics will be available online once they are assigned to scholars.
    • Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Email is the easiest way for me to return contact in a timely manner.


    Tutoring Opportunities

    2019-2020 Days/Times - M/W/TH/F 7:45am - 8:15am



    As a public charter school, parental support both in physical attendance as well as financial affects our scholars’ theatrical experience drastically.

    • Please consider contributing to the Enrichment Committee for whole school contributions for specific projects across the campus.
    • Additionally, the theatre program will send out a direct fundraiser form during Q1. These funds will directly impact your scholar in theatre arts class.
    • If you are interested in volunteering your time, please reach out and indicate your level of interest on the survey.


    Syllabus information and performance dates are subject to change with or without notice. Every effort will be made to contact you with changes in a timely manner.


    In order for your scholar to receive credit for their first homework assignment, please go to the link on their welcome letter and complete the survey. 2019-2020 Theatre Parent Survey