• Uplift North Hills Preparatory Car Line

    Everyone is required to use the car line route for dropping off and picking up scholars. To keep car line safe for all scholars and parents, we do not allow parents to walk their scholars across the parking lot or street.


    Please use the luminaire app prior to leaving for school to speed up the car line process: Luminaire -


    Day 1: Have a sign with your name on it and we will provide you with a car line tag that you will use when picking up your scholar. This will allow us to use our car line app to get your scholar from their area when you arrive.


    Morning Car Line Procedures

    • All vehicles will enter campus by either the Royal or Riverside entrance and you will merge and drive up to the front of the main building. If your child is in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, you will need to use the Royal entrance and use the inside right lane to drop off your scholar(s) at the Student Activity Center. Scholars that are driving to school will also need to be on the right lane and will be screened at the Student Activity Center.  A staff member will be there to screen the scholars.
    • Morning Car Line will begin at 7:30 a.m. Scholars may not exit the vehicle before a staff member has been to the vehicle.
    • Scholars will arrive to campus via carline and be asked to remain in their vehicles.
    • A staff member will screen each car & follow these steps:
      1. Confirm scholars are wearing an appropriate mask or face covering.
      2. A staff member will ask for the animal of the day from the luminaire app.
      3. Display a list of COVID-19 Symptoms (English or Spanish) for guardians to review and ask if anyone in the vehicle has been experiencing any of the symptoms.
      4. Scan each scholar’s forehead with a touch-free thermometer.
    • If any of the following occur, families will be directed to the designated Nurses station. A Health Services team member will conduct a more thorough screening to determine if the scholar is safe to exit the vehicle.
      • A scholar’s temperature reads 100 degrees or above.
      • There is a malfunction in the thermometer and the reading is unclear.
      • Any passenger in the vehicle is exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms.


     UNHP Morning Carline



    Afternoon Car Line Procedures

    All cars must enter through the Royal entrance and will head towards the main building. If your child is in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, you will need to stay on the right side and pull up along side the Student Activity Center (SAC). 

    1. Have your car line tag displayed clearly on the passenger side of your windshield. 
    2. Proceed along the car line and merge where necessary as you make your way to the front of the main building.
    3. Please move forward when the staff directs you to do so.
    4. Wait along the curb to the building until a staff member to brings your scholar to the car.
    5. Carefully proceed to the exit and adhere to the Police directions.


    UNHP Afternoon Carline


    Important Reminders

    • It is imperative that you pickup your scholar on time please.
    • Scholars are not allowed to be escorted into the building by family members.
    • Parents that have scholars that need to be picked up in multiple locations will have to drive to the first location (SAC) and pick up one scholar and then drive to the second location (Main Building) and pick up the next scholar.
    • Have your car line number visibly displayed on the side of your vehicle windshield.
    • Wait until the cars in front of you proceeds before moving forward.
    • Scholars may not be dropped off prior to 7:30am.
    • Scholars should not walk to school alone. They must be accompanied by a parent and stop at the Nurses Station to be checked. Once they are cleared, the parent may leave.
    • If you have more than one scholar in the car and one does not pass the screening, all scholars will not be allowed to attend school in person.