• Angela Russell
    Mrs. Angie Russell-Adeyemi
    Title: 6th Grade Math Instructor
    Phone: (972) 501- 0645 ext. 3115
    Office Hours: Thurs. - Fri. - 4:05 – 4:30 pm by appointment only
    Tutoring Hours: Thurs. - Fri- 7:30 - 8:00 am
    Primary Room Number: 115
    Grades: 6
    Undergraduate Degree:
    B.S. Health Science
    School Name: Alcorn State University
    Mrs. Russell-Adeyemi has 22 years of teaching experience.  Through the years, Mrs. Russell-Adeyemi has taught many levels of middle/high school mathematics and sciences.  In addition, she has moved scholars two years of math, in a one year span and received exemplary results.  In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring inner-city youth, reading , and traveling. 
    Favorite ice cream: Braum's cookies & cream
    Favorite Color: turquoise
    Favorite candy: starburst
    Favorite dessert: carrot cake
    Favorite chips: Sun Chips (harvest cheddar)
    Favorite bakery: Cretia's Eatery & Bake Shoppe
    Favorite singing star/group: Adele, Coldplay
    Favorite pet: dog
    Favorite chewing gum: Big Red
    Favorite store: Nordstrom
    Favorite restaurant: Snappy Salads
    Favorite soda: Nehi peach