• We look forward to partnering with you to continue the tradition of quality programming at Uplift Peak! Parent volunteers play an important role, and thanks to all the parents who participate in our Volunteers in Partnership (ViP) program, faculty and staff are better able to focus on enriching the lives of our scholars on a daily basis.

    What is Volunteers in Partnership (ViP)?

    Working in conjunction with the school administration, the Uplift Peak ViP leads and supports school-wide events throughout the school year. Every Uplift Peak parent is a member of ViP! A vibrant ViP program depends on you in two ways: through volunteering and donations.

    Support through Volunteering

    Parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities through ViP. To participate, parents must complete a background check before volunteering on campus. Log in to Uplift Voly to create an account and get started! We will send newsletters and email announcements for volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

    Support through Donations

    We understand that all parents have a busy schedule! If volunteering during the school day isn't an option, consider donating food, drinks, or other items. There will be many events and opportunities throughout the school year where teachers and staff may ask for donations for your scholars! Any donation will count towards your volunteer hours (# of hours will vary). You may also log your donations through the Uplift Voly website.


    2019-2020 ViP Parent Meetings

    Primary School ViP Meetings
    (4:15 - 5:00 PM in the Library)

    Thurs., September 5th

    Thurs., October 3rd

    Thurs., January 16th

    Thurs., February 6th

    Thurs., March 5th

    Tues., April 21st



    Middle School ViP Meetings
    (4:15 - 5:15 PM in the Library)

    Tues., August 13th 

    Tues., September 10th 

    Tues., October 8th 

    Tues., January 21st 

    Tues., February 11th  

    Tues., March 17th 

    Tues., April 14th 

    Tues., May 12th 

    High School ViP Meetings
    (5:00 - 6:00 PM in Room 103 in Building 2)

    Thurs., August 15th

    Thurs., September 12th

    Thurs., October 10th

    Thurs., January 16th

    Thurs., February 13th

    Thurs., March 19th

    Thurs., April 9th

    Thurs., May 14th 


    Looking for information about the K-12 Monthly Meetings? Click HERE.