• Universal Free Breakfast

    The Child Nutrition Department (CNP) recently announced a record number of schools offering free breakfast to all scholars! Universal free breakfast is triggered once 80% or more of the school population qualifies for free or reduced meals.

    Universal Free Breakfast is being offered to the following schools:


    Ascend Primary

    Mighty Middle School

    Gradus Primary School

    Mighty Primary School

    Grand High School

    Peak High School

    Grand Middle School

    Peak Middle School

    Grand Primary School

    Peak Pre-K

    Hampton High School

    Peak Primary School

    Hampton Middle School

    Pinnacle Primary School

    Hampton Primary School

    Summit Primary School

    Heights High School

    Triumph Preparatory

    Heights Middle School

    White Rock Hills Primary School

    Heights Primary School

    Williams High School

    Luna High School

    Williams Middle School

    Luna Middle School

    Williams Primary School

    Luna Primary School

    Wisdom Middle School

    Meridian Preparatory

    Wisdom Primary School