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    Name Title Dept Email
    Diamond Andress 2nd Grade Teacher Primary School DAndress@uplifteducation.org
    Tristan Bragg Academic Director Primary School TBragg@uplifteducation.org
    Cayla Buford Relay Intervention Resident (SCE) Primary School CBuford@uplifteducation.org
    Omar Chavira MS PE Teacher Middle School OChavira@uplifteducation.org
    Kristi Clements MS Science Teacher Middle School KClements@uplifteducation.org
    Kinesha Cox 6th Grade Reading Teacher Middle School KiCox@uplifteducation.org
    Tracey Cox Office Manager Operations TCox@uplifteducation.org
    Rahni Davis Relay Intervention Resident (SCE) Middle School RDavis@uplifteducation.org
    Kazmere Dean Primary Intervention Specialist (SCE) Primary School KDean@uplifteducation.org
    Nicole Deutsch 2nd Grade Teacher Primary School NDeutsch@uplifteducation.org
    Kay Eidson 6th Grade Science Teacher Middle School KEidson@uplifteducation.org
    Wesley Esparragoza Rodriguez PEIMS Coordinator Operations WRodriguez@uplifteducation.org
    Anel Flores Community Engagement and Enrollment Coordinator Operations ANFlores@uplifteducation.org
    Kristen Gilbert 7th Grade Math Teacher Middle School KGilbert@uplifteducation.org
    Rose Gonzalez Moralez Primary Spanish Teacher Primary School RMoralez@uplifteducation.org
    Erika Harper Kitchen Manager II Operations EHarper@uplifteducation.org
    Jessica Hicks Primary PE Teacher Primary School JeHicks@uplifteducation.org
    Lacrisha Hulin Special Education Teacher Primary School LHulin@uplifteducation.org
    Jasmine Hull Operations Director Operations JHull@uplifteducation.org
    Estela Jimenez Cafeteria Worker I Operations EJimenez@uplifteducation.org
    Kameka Johnson Nurse Operations KamJohnson@uplifteducation.org
    Astrid Kalz 7th Grade English Teacher Middle School AKalz@uplifteducation.org
    Emerance Kapiamba PS Dean Primary School EKapiamba@uplifteducation.org
    Jennifer Little Primary Art Teacher Primary School JLittle@uplifteducation.org
    Jessica Lopez Cafeteria Worker I Operations JeLopez@uplifteducation.org
    Angelica Maldonado Custodian Operations AMaldonado@uplifteducation.org
    Kalyn Maloney MS Technology Teacher Middle School kmaloney@uplifteducation.org
    Tori Mann Primary Music Teacher Primary School TMann@uplifteducation.org
    Frankie Margraf 1st Grade Teacher Primary School FMargraf@uplifteducation.org
    Marcus Mcneil Custodian Operations MMcneil@uplifteducation.org
    Clarissa Miller Social/Behavioral Counselor Middle School CMiller@uplifteducation.org
    Danyell Moody 1st Grade Teacher Primary School DMoody@uplifteducation.org
    Naidania Morris Attendance Coordinator Operations NMorris@uplifteducation.org
    Dann Mosteller 6th Grade Spanish Teacher Middle School DMosteller@uplifteducation.org
    Kinsley Munoz ESL Coordinator Primary School KMunoz@uplifteducation.org
    Gloria Perez Teacher Aide - Special Education (IDEA B) Primary School GPerez@uplifteducation.org
    Clarissa Ramirez Teacher Aide - General Ed (SCE) Primary School CRamirez@uplifteducation.org
    Jennifer Ramsey 6th Grade English Teacher Middle School JRamsey@uplifteducation.org
    Kali Schneider 1st Grade Teacher Primary School KSchneider@uplifteducation.org
    Ashley Scott Kindergarten Teacher Primary School AsScott@uplifteducation.org
    Markeshia Smith 2nd Grade Teacher Primary School MaSmith@uplifteducation.org
    Jessica Soto Receptionist Operations JeSoto@uplifteducation.org
    Michael Steel 7th Grade Science Teacher Middle School MSteel@uplifteducation.org
    Faith Sthilaire 1st Grade Teacher Primary School FSthilaire@uplifteducation.org
    Maria Sustaita 7th Grade Reading Teacher Middle School MSustaita@uplifteducation.org
    Falonicus Thomas Teacher Aide - General Ed (SCE) Primary School FThomas@uplifteducation.org
    Elissa Tittle Kindergarten Teacher Primary School ETittle@uplifteducation.org
    Niya Wardlaw MS Dean Middle School nwardlaw@uplifteducation.org
    Joshua Watson 6th Grade Humanities Teacher Middle School JWatson@uplifteducation.org
    Christina Welty PS Dean Primary School cwelty@uplifteducation.org
    Ysanne Williams Academic Director Middle School YWilliams@uplifteducation.org