Volunteers in Partnership (V.I.P)

  • Welcome Volunteers!

    Dear Uplift Ascend Families,

    Welcome to Uplift Ascend Preparatory for the school year of 2019-2020. We look forward to partnering with you to continue the tradition of quality programming at our Uplift Education schools. Parent volunteers play an important role in every area of our school. Thanks to all the volunteers the teachers, administrators and staff are better able to focus educating our scholars daily.

    Through the volunteer program you can become an integral part of the team responsible for the education of your scholar. Your efforts, no matter how great or small, make a difference.  Your involvement will help your IB learner understand what good citizenship is all about.

    Put your skills and hobbies to use for a good cause.

    Joining VIP Process

    Interested in joining?

    Visit our volunteer website and complete the account set up.  All volunteers require a background check.


    VIP Facts

    Q: What is VIP?

    A: VIP stands for Volunteers in Partnership. VIP was created to support the relationship between Uplift Education families and faculty. A vibrant VIP program depends on you in two ways: through volunteer hours and voluntary contributions.

    Volunteering promotes family fellowship, shows appreciation for the faculty and staff and provides an example of community service and stewardship for the scholars. Parents, relatives and friends are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities through the VIP program.

    Every Uplift Education family is encouraged to volunteer every school year.

     Contributing to the Volunteers in Partnership program helps the school expand the arts programs, provide for extra field trips and support other special events. Because charter schools receive fewer public dollars than traditional public schools, supplemental funds are essential to providing these benefits for all scholars.

    Support through Contributions:

    Every Uplift Education family can consider donating to their school’s enrichment fund. Contributions are tax deductible. You may make your contribution online by going to you school website and clicking on “Donate” and make sure you put VIP Fund in the “Comments” section at the bottom of the page.

    Support through Volunteering:

     Volunteers in Partnership is organized by a team of parents who volunteer their time to work with the Uplift Ascend School designated VIP coordinator. Consider working with these parents to help build a volunteer support system for your Uplift school. Also, elections are an important part of the VIP success. Elections will be held at the beginning of each year. Please consider becoming a VIP leader!  For more information and to sign up contact your campus and ask to be directed to the campus VIP coordinator


    Uplift Ascend Preparatory’s #1 priority is the safety of our scholars. We have several processes in place to ensure that this is the case.

    Visitor Process

    Uplift Ascend uses the RAPTOR security system to monitor who is allowed into the building for any purpose. To be allowed into the building, you will need to have your driver's license on-hand. After your license is swiped, the data base is searched for any sex offender violations. Your picture (as it appears on your license) pops up on the screen so that the office secretary may compare the picture with the person standing in front of her. If you are cleared, the secretary would print a badge, which contains your picture with either visitor or volunteer listed. If you are there just to pick up your child, no name badge would be printed. If a person is found in the system, the screen goes red and both Ascend security and a monitoring company in Dallas are immediately alerted.

    Uplift Ascend has also installed a number of security cameras and locked doors throughout the building. This is to safeguard against unauthorized personnel from moving throughout the building. All staff carries electronic fobs that will open these doors so that authorized visitors can be let through these safeguards.

    Uplift Ascend also has a gate that surrounds the complex to keep out unauthorized visitors from getting on campus where our scholars will be. Car traffic in the complex will be monitored with a gate that will be open during normal school hours.