New Scholars in Pre-Kindergarten

  • Uplift schools will begin on August 10, 2020 in a 100% virtual format.  Visit our Back To School web page for the latest updates and information.

    Although our Pre-Kindergarten Eligibility meetings begin in May, we ask that you watch your email for updates. While at this time we are not cancelling these meetings, we are evaluating this decision weekly. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We will keep you informed as decisions are made.

    Acceptance to an Uplift PreK program follows 3 simple steps:

Receive notice via email that your child's name has been drawn in the lottery.
Attend an Eligibility Meeting to see if you qualify for a state-funded Uplift Pre-K program (see note above)
If eligibility is met, submit enrollment documents (no documents being accepted currently for PreK).
  • As a reminder, Uplift Education's Pre-K program is state-funded. Lottery acceptance ensures you have the opportunity to join us for a meeting to determine if your child is eligible for Pre-K at Uplift.

    One or more of the following eligibility requirements must be met to qualify:

    1. Child with limited English proficiency
    2. Child in an economically disadvantaged household
    3. Child living in homelessness
    4. Child of an active, deceased or injured member of the United States armed forces
    5. Child in state foster care
    6. Child has a parent or official guardian who is eligible for the Star of Texas Award

    If you have any questions on enrollment, please contact the Enrollment Coordinator at your campus.