Why is college important?

  • In today’s society, a college degree is becoming almost a necessity in order to earn a living wage. Not only do college degree holders earn more money early in their careers, but college graduates earn over $1 million more over their lifetime than those with just a high school diploma.

    Don’t let these typical excuses keep you from pursuing your dream of a college degree:

  • My family needs me to earn money after high school.

  • I don’t want to take on the debt that comes with a college degree.

  • I’m not sure I will be prepared for the rigors of college.

  • #1 in College Readiness

    Uplift is more effectively preparing scholars for college than surrounding districts serving similar student populations.
    Bar chart comparisons

    Source: TEA TAPR 2018. College Readiness is defined as meeting TSI Criteria

Did You Know?

  • 80%
    of living wage jobs in D/FW require at least a 2-year college degree.

    Unemployment is
    more likely for those with only a high school degree.

    College grads ages 24-32 earn
    more per year on average.

    Uplift graduates earn a college degree at
    the national average.