Math & Reading Immersion Camp

  • Math and Reading Immersion Camps are intended for scholars who qualify for more intensive support and for scholars who did not engage in remote learning during the 4th quarter of SY 19-20. We will offer two options for our scholars to participate in this program:

    Virtual Sessions: 

    These sessions are designed for scholars to participate in online learning in both reading and math. 

    We will use daily lessons on YouTube and assign practice based on the lessons.  The class will also require participation in virtual small group practice sessions.


    These sessions are designed for groups of up to 6 scholars to have daily math and reading lessons. Sessions are taught by a highly-qualified Uplift teacher who will ensure that scholars engage in lessons designed to address their areas of need and to provide them with practice to prepare them for the upcoming school year.

    In-person classes will be 2 hours per day, Monday through Friday, and will be held at the campuses below based on your campus and grade for the 2020-21 school year.  When you register for this class, you will select your school and grade for next year.  You will also be able to select the timeslot for summer school in-person class.

     Host Campuses

    Click here to find school address and directions.

    We are equipped to deep clean and disinfect our classrooms daily and will provide hand sanitizers to scholars and staff. In addition to allowing only 6 students per classroom, teachers and students will be encouraged to wear masks, and will abide by the 6-foot distance rule at all times.

Class Schedule

  • Registration Closed

    July 6 - July 24
    2 hours per day