College Exploration


    Scholars interested in researching and learning about college options can take advantage of the following opportunities:


    FAFSA 4Caster

    Use this online tool to get a prediction of how much federal financial aid your scholar will qualify for. Go to and click on FAFSA4caster.


    College Data

    Quick snapshots of admissions, size, financial aid info, etc. (


    Campus Reel

    Virtual campus tours & videos from current students (


    College Board’s Big Future Tool

    Compare different colleges side-by-side (


    College Greenlight

    College and scholarship advice for first-generation and underrepresented students (


    Campus Visits

    Encourage your scholar to sign up for a few in-person or virtual campus tours at the colleges they are interested in (on the college’s website—look at the Admissions page). Accompany them to visit these schools. Many Texas colleges also offer campus tours in Spanish.


    2020 DFW Admissions Regional Network Virtual College Search Series 

    2020 Virtual College Search Series