Quarter 4 Learning Plan Overview

  • What is school going to look like?

    We are offering families the option of learning in-person, remotely, or a combination of the two (which we call hybrid). Scholars that choose an in-person or hybrid learning option will be taught by their classroom teacher. Regardless of option chosen, scholars will be able to locate all class content, lessons, and assignments on Schoology. Scholars will also use Schoology to submit assignments and receive feedback from their teachers.


    We are also offering live classes for all classes through Zoom video conference platform. Scholars will be able to find the Zoom link to their online classes within their course on Schoology. Scholars can go this following link to learn about the bell schedule we are using: Bell Schedule.


    How are you going to access your classes?

    Since we are using a combination of virtual tools this year to equitably teach all scholars regardless of learning choice, we know that it can be overwhelming with a lot of logins for the different learning tools scholars will be using this school year. We are using an online service this year that allows scholars to login once then click on the icon of the website they want to go to, and it will automatically redirect them there. This online service works with scholar Outlook emails, Schoology classes, and other virtual tools we will use this year.


    To access all this service scholars will go to my.classlink.com/uplift and use the username and password they were given. Scholars who are having trouble or do not have their username and password can email lunahs@uplifteducation.org for assistance.


    Once logged into ClassLink scholars will be able to click on Office 365 to access their Outlook email. It is going to be important for scholars to have access to their email to to check it daily since we will rely on email as the primary method of official communication with scholars.


    Scholars can also access their classes by clicking on the Schoology icon. Once on Schoology, scholars can click on “Courses” at the very top of the website to access their classes. Their teachers have set up a short video to introduce themselves and all course content will be available on Schoology.