• What is STAAR/ EOC?

    The STAAR/ EOC assessments test high school students’ mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for a given course and determine college and career readiness.  If a student in grade 8 or above is taking a course for which there is a STAAR/ EOC test, that student will be required to take that STAAR/ EOC assessment.  These EOC assessments are for all students graduating after 2014.  

    The required high school STAAR/ EOC assessments are Algebra One, Biology, English One (combined Reading and Writing), English Two (combined Reading and Writing), and U.S. History. 


    High School scholars that have previously completed an EOC course and failed the EOC assessment will be retesting again during the week of December 7th.  All STAAR/ EOC assessments must be taken in person, scholars are not allowed to take their STAAR/ EOC virtually according to TEA guidelines.  Please reach out to your scholar’s campus for more information regarding if your scholar will be completing an EOC the week of December 7th.  The table below shows the dates each EOC will be given.













    Eng I

    Bio/US Hist

    Eng II/Alg I

     Make up testing


    Parent resources

    Please feel free to use the following website to learn more about STAAR/EOC testing from the TEA website- https://tea.texas.gov/student-assessment/testing/student-assessment-overview/assessment-resources-for-students-and-parents 



  • What is ACT?

    ACT is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success.  Each year, ACT serves millions of students, job seekers, schools, government agencies, and employers in the US and around the world with learning resources, assessments, research, and credentials designed to help them succeed from elementary school through career.  The ACT test is divided into four multiple choice subject tests and a Writing portion.  The four subjects for the multiple choice sections are English, Math, Reading, and Science. 

    How can I learn more about the ACT Assessment?

    To learn more about the Practice ACT test, specifically while your scholar is learning virtually, please view this recorded power point with information from the Assessment Team pertaining to taking the Practice ACT from home.

    Click to view ACT Information Video for Parents

ACT Parent Resources

  • Quarterly Benchmark #1

    Quarterly Benchmarks are assessments given by two or more instructors with the intention of examining the results. Some goals of examining these quarterly benchmarks are to have educators discuss and analyze their individual plans for student success and an opportunity to look at what modifications need to be made during curriculum planning and classroom instruction before state and/or national assessments are given.  They are also used as interim assessments to course correct when necessary to make sure scholars are mastering the necessary standards before state and/or national assessments are given. 

    Quarterly Benchmark #1 will be given to High School scholars between October 13th and October 23rd.  High School scholars will take a QB if they are enrolled in the course that is associated with the assessment.  The subjects for the assessments are English One, English Two, Algebra One, Biology, and U.S. History.  Pleaes reach out to your scholar's campus for specific dates and times.

    How can I learn more about Quarterly Benchmarks?

    To learn more about using the AWARE online platform that scholars will use to take their Quarterly Benchmark, you can watch the video below. 

    AWARE parent information video in English

    AWARE parent information video in Spanish

Quarterly Benchmark Parent Resources

MAP - Measures of Academic Progress

  • What is MAP?

    The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test adapts to your child’s responses to measure your child’s skill level.  MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth.  Teachers use results to tailor classroom lessons and set goals for students.  Achievement is how well your child has learned skills in a subject compared to similar students nationwide.  Growth is a measure of your child’s personal progress over the year.  A RIT score is the overall score for a subject based on a Rasch unit (RIT) scale that indicates how your child performed in a subject.

    How can I learn more about MAP?

    To learn more about the MAP test, specifically while your scholar is learning virtually, please view this recorded power point with information from the Assessment Team pertaining to MAP testing at home.

    Click to View the MAP Testing for Parents Video

MAP Parent Resources