Mask Safety & Requirements

  • Your mask is your friend

    What we are doing:

    As a reminder, face coverings will be required for all scholars and staff while on campus. This requirement begins upon entry into the building and must always be worn except for while eating or drinking. Acceptable face coverings include disposable masks, reusable masks, and face shields (in certain instances). Please refer to page 7 of the Return to School Guide for full details on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

    What you can do:

    Explain to your scholar(s) the importance of wearing a mask at all times on campus AND the importance of their mask covering their nose and mouth at all times. It is natural for masks to slip throughout the day and our teachers will be reminding scholars to adjust their mask when needed. Your reinforcement that “our masks are only on correctly when we cover our mouth and nose” at home is very helpful. Practice wearing your face mask at home for longer periods of time with younger scholars as we get closer to in-person or hybrid learning.

    Uplift will provide cotton masks for scholars and staff for personal use during in-person or hybrid instruction. Disposable masks will always be available on campus as well for anyone who forgets their mask. The most important thing is that your child has a mask that they feel comfortable in, that fits snug against the sides of their face, and that they can wear for multiple hours. If they are comfortable in the Uplift mask that is perfect and if they are more comfortable in their mask at home, as long as it is 3-layer cotton or a surgical disposable face mask, that is fine.

    Wear Your Mask The Right Way!

    PPE Reminder

    We have provided the following to each campus to be distributed to Staff and Scholars.

    For Staff
    Each Staff member should receive the following:
    • 1 black mask w/ logo
    • 1 cotton mask w/o logo
    • 1 black adjustable mask
    Also available as needed:
    • 1 adult sized face shield
    For Scholars
    By grade we have made the following available to distribute to scholars:
    • Prek: Face mask only
    • K-5 grade: 1 youth sized mask & 1 youth sized shield
    • 6-8 grade: 1 adult sized mask & 1 adult sized shield
    • 9-12 grade: 1 adult sized face mask (no shield)

    DO – choose a mask that fits well without gaps around the face.

    DO – choose a cloth mask that is at least double-layered.

    DO – choose a material that is comfortable and that your scholar can breathe in easily. Some masks are made of materials, such as vinyl, that make it harder to breathe.

    DON’T – wear a gaiter or bandana instead of a mask. These are not suitable substitutes

    DON’T – choose a disposable surgical mask over a cloth mask. While a surgical mask is acceptable for protection, these items are in critical supply and should be reserved for health care workers. If you already have disposable surgical masks, those are fine to wear, but if you purchase a new mask, please choose a cloth one.

    DON’T – wear a mask with exhalation valves or vents. These do not effectively prevent transmission of COVID-19.

    DON’T – wear a face shield instead of a mask when you arrive at campus. While our scholars will have face shields (cleaned nightly) available in the classroom for certain circumstances, we are continuing to evaluate the effectiveness of face shields based on CDC guidelines.

    DON’T – wear a mask that doesn’t meet appropriate clothing guidelines. While we encourage scholars to express themselves with their mask, any mask that displays offensive language or images of violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or the occult are prohibited.

    If a scholar arrives on campus wearing a mask that does not meet Uplift guidelines, he or she will be given a temporary mask to wear for the day and a reminder to bring the appropriate mask for the next day.

    Do's and Don'ts of Masks