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  • Release Date: 9/142020

    The successful navigation of a college and career fair is a valuable life skill. This event helps our students at a time when students can benefit the most from career exploration, a process of building self-awareness, learning about potential careers, and developing a plan for reaching future goals.

    Dallas, TX –The Uplift College and Career Fair is an annual free event that will be held Tuesday, September 22nd from 9am-12pm and Thursday, September 24th from 4pm-7pm for Uplift junior and seniors.  This year marks our 13th annual College and Career Fair, hosted through Crowd Cast over two days.  This event is very special to us as it is the first in many aspects; first two-day virtual College and Career Fair, first time we invite our Uplift juniors and Uplift parents to attend the fair! This will be the first year that we include a parent component to the fair such as a Financial Aid Informational and other seminar in both English and Spanish. As we continue to grow, we anticipate that over 1,700 Uplift juniors and seniors will attend this year’s fair! We hope that two offerings will give our students and our guests the flexibility needed to attend this event. The virtual space has allowed us to explore initiatives to expand access and incorporate stronger family engagement.

    Every year, over 100 post-secondary pathway representatives come from all over the country to share information to our students. Students have the opportunity to explore colleges/universities/military/careers over the course of a few hours. They ask questions, make great first impressions and some are even invited to interview for scholarships at different universities in October. This event kick starts the college application process for our seniors.

    We are particularly excited because Day Two of the fair will offer a host of sessions for families to learn about the Road to College and Career initiatives that will impact their student as well. There will be sessions on Career Planning, Financial Planning, and remaining engaged throughout the school year. All of these sessions will be offered in both English and Spanish.

    The Uplift College and Career Fair helps students develop confidence and lays the foundation for their life today, and their future. By uncovering strengths and unique skills, students will see their own potential. This event helps junior and senior students:

    • Understand their unique strengths
    • Connect their interests to careers
    • Set goals for their current and future plans
    • Develop self-knowledge and personal motivation

    Uplift is dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for students, regardless of their ethnic or socioeconomic backgrounds, by providing equitable access to high quality education, programs and experiences that empower students to reach their highest potential. Uplift’s unique Road To College & Career program is unparalleled in how we prepare our scholars for life after high school. Through events like the College and Career Fair, we help students discover their strengths and passions and learn how those might translate into a college major or future career that will help them reach their long-term personal goals.

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