• Remote Learning Schedule, Grade 11:



    Hello Juniors!

    I hope you are healthy and safe and finding fun and meaningful activities to do together with your family. 

    One of the responsibilities we, as your Educators, have is to help you prepare for your senior year and a big part of that is your Extended Essay (EE).  Not only is it an IB Diploma requirement, it is also a North Hills ToK requirement.  To assist you in the initial steps, I have placed EE resources in a folder labeled “Extended Essay 2021” on my webpage.  Please review these resources as you choose a subject, topic, and research question to upload into Managebac.  See the EE schedule below:


    By Sunday, April 19th @ 11:59pm-Students upload Subject and Topic and RQ into Managebac

                    *This will be your week’s assignment in Tok for the week of 4/13

    By Monday, April 27th – Ms. Biela to place students with Supervisors in Managebac

                    *You should check your Managebac account to find your Supervisor

    By Monday, May 11th -Supervisors respond to students  with “approval” or suggestions for RQ


    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mrs. Colo.

    I look forward to seeing you in August!


    Katie Biela

    Upper School Dean| Uplift North Hills Preparatory
    972.501.0645 | kbiela@uplifteducation.org



    Hi Juniors!

    For those of you who chose “World Studies” (WS) as your Extended Essay (EE) subject, Ms. Biela will hold a Zoom session this Friday, May 1st @ 1:30pm after your Class Meeting, to explain the nuances and requirements of a WS EE. 

    Currently, there is a folder on Ms. Biela’s webpage specifically for WS EE.  She will post the Zoom meeting info 5 minutes before she begins.  When entering the session, please use your first and last name and keep your video ON, otherwise you will not be allowed into the meeting.  This session is only useful for juniors who have chosen a World Studies EE subject and will not be beneficial to students with EEs in other areas.    

    Be well!

    Ms. Biela.