• Welcome to the 8th Grade Page! 
    8th Grade Teachers:
    (alphabetically by last name)
    Elizabeth Barnhart-ELA (Team Lead)
    Peter Bonanno-Geometry
    Mary Butler-Science
    Shirin Damani-Writing (Fall Semester)
    Candace Denney- Art
    Rachel Diaz-Choir and Band
    Karen Edwards-Technology (Spring Semester)
    Patrick Finch-Algebra
    Jordache Grant-Orchestra
    Matthew Kingsley-Physical Education
    Joe Quadres-Humanities
    Shannon Quadres-Theater Arts
    Flore Ulysse-French 2 and 2A
    Kathryn Vernon-Spanish 1 and 2A
    Please check our 8th grade calendar for info on daily work, homework, field trips, tutorial times and holidays!