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    If you would like to contact me using ZOOM (video conference)
    You can use any device, load the app on your phone or use web based.
    Signing up is free, use your school e-mail.
    Meeting ID number 671 564 4424
    Thursday 12:30-1:15
    Through e-mail - I will respond within 24 hours
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    advisory - hqffnvv
    I will be posting assignments to these classroom by Monday noon and they will be due Friday at noon of the same week.
    Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards
    Technology Department Head
    7 and 8 Grade Tech Teacher
    Email: kedwards@uplifteducation.org

    Room Number: 108
    Grades: 7 and 8
    Political Science
    Texas Christian University
    This is my 14th year teaching at North Hills and I have enjoyed watching all the Middle School students grow into mature young adults.