• S - Success- I have noticed that everything you all are doing is focused on helping out children to succeed in school and in life.
    H - Human- From the way the children are greeted when they walk into the building, to the way I have personally seen issues being addressed, it is clear that every single student is cared for with a human touch and not just a broad stroke of a brush.
    I - Inspiring- Your approach encourages and sparks excitement and motivation around learning as well as parental involvement.
    N - New or Innovative- It is really good to see staff and administrators displaying forward thinking and taking action to differentiate the educational experience at Hampton from that of other schools.
    E - Enrich- Your emphasis on core values such as respect, integrity, excellence and responsibility will help to enrich the lives of all students.
    - Created by Charita Morrison, Parent of a Hampton Preparatory Student