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    Corinne Colosimo
    7th Grade Humanities (Social Studies)
    Email: ccolosimo@uplifteducation.org
    Phone: (904) 616-5896
    Office Hours: Monday 4:30-5:30
    Tutoring Hours: Monday 4:30-5:30
    Primary Room Number: 113
    Grades: 7th 
    Undergraduate Degree: 
    Major: Social Science Education
    Minor: Mathematics Education 
    School Name: University of Central Florida


    Mrs. Colosimo is from Ponte Vedra, Fl; she moved to Orlando, for four years, to attend college at the University of Central Florida.After graduating, Mrs. Colosimo married and moved to Texas with her husband, sohe could attend the University of Texas at Southwestern Graduate Program.


    Mrs. Colosimo enjoys traveling, riding her bike, hiking, oranything outside. She loves to read and enjoys learning about history andrelating historical events to current events.