Ms. Chewakin                  
    Rachel Chewakin
    4th Grade Teacher 
    Email: rchewakin@uplifteducation.org
    Office Hours:
    Tutoring Hours: TBA
    Primary Room Number: 211
    Grade: 4th Grade
    Undergraduate Degree:
    Arizona State University
    I am a proud Nebraska native who spent three years studying Political Science and Non-Profit Administration in the sunny state of Arizona. My main conviction for pursuing a career in education is ensuring each scholar not only becomes but believes they are college bound. My firm belief is that education is the one aspect of each of our lives that cannot be taken away, nor should it be taken for granted. I am thrilled to be able to work with the scholars, parents and staff at Uplift Summit International Preparatory.  
    I believe each scholar has the potential to exceed greatness and to exceed any prior expectations set for them. A quote that drives me each day from Abraham Lincoln states, "It is not the years in a life, but the life in the years." Each day will allow scholars and any individual from this community to reach those goals confidently and in doing so, we have the power to create invaluable experiences and learning.