Mr. Samuel Bandstra



Degrees and Certifications:

BA, History, The College of William & Mary Social Studies 7-12 Tutoring: Fridays during Advisory and by appointment

Mr. Samuel Bandstra

DP History Teacher
Model UN Sponsor
Girls' JV Volleyball Coach
Boys' Soccer Coach
Tutorials: Before (MTWTh), Advisory in room 403 
Originally from Chicago, Mr. Bandstra moved to Dallas almost six years ago and has enjoyed his experience thus far in Texas; fried Oreos at the State Fair (just before Big Tex burst into flames!) have indubitably factored into his positive appraisal of his new location. When he isn't teaching, Mr. Bandstra enjoys agonizing rowing sessions and runs in the sweltering heat, reading just about anything historical, as well as experiencing the fantastic patios of Dallas. If you are especially blessed by the gods he may even tell you about his illegal excursion into China while abroad in Pakistan, or his encounter with the Secret Service during the 1996 Presidential Election. Keep an eye on bookstore shelves for the hardcover edition of "The Boy King and His Horse" about Alexander the Great and Bucephalus. Also check iTunes regularly for his upcoming album, Bandstratosphere: Flying High with Hits from History, featuring the singles "Jinshi," "Serf's Up," "32 (Alexander the Great)," "The Khan Song," and "The Fresh Prince of Nepal." Order now while supplies last.
Additional Appeasement Documents
Guided Reading Questions
Richard Evans, The Third Reich in Power, pgs. 322-336
  • What was the initial purpose for constructing the Autobahn? How did this project achieve other Nazi Party goals ?
  • Why was car ownership so important to Hitler and the Nazis?
  • How did the marriage loans achieve goals outside of the initially-stated goal to provide young married couples with “an interest-free loan of up to 1,000 Reichsmarks”?
  • How were the Nazis able to make unemployment numbers appear to decline?
  • What problems emerged as the Nazis worked to seemingly decrease unemployment?
  • Were the policies enacted by the Third Reich truly effective at curtailing unemployment?
1st 9 Week Syllabus
8/9-8/10: Introduction and Syllabus; Review WWI
8/13-8/14: Treaty of Versailles; Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt, Nobel Prize Speech by Elie Wiesel
     Homework: Read and annotate Evans pgs. 161-169 and NSDAP 25-Point Program
8/15-8/16: Instability of Weimar Republic; Discuss Evans pgs. 161-169 and NSDAP 25-Point Program
8/17-8/20: Rise of Nazi Party, Beer Hall Putsch; Analyze Mein Kampf for foreign policy
     Homework: Read and annotate Evans pgs. 169-194
8/21-8/22: Weimar Republic Golden Age, Great Depression
     Homework: Read and annotate Evans pgs. 310-327, Rise of Hitler and Nazi Party Timeline, study for quiz
8/23-8/24: Hitler's Seizure of Power; Quiz