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    Lark Holds the Key (2 weeks): It’s the third day of summer vacation, and Lark’s halmoni—that’s Korean for grandmother—has

    promised to take Lark and her twin brother, Connor, to the library. Only trouble is, they arrive to discover that the town

    librarian is missing her key to the library. Lucky for her, Lark just happens to be a budding private eye. Can rookie detectives

    Lark and Connor solve this mystery and recover the lost key?

    ● Week 1: Chapters 1-8

    ● Week 2: Chapters 9-16


    Something’s Fishy (2 Weeks): Jamie loves sharks. He reads about them. He talks about them. Sometimes he even pretends to

    be a shark. Too bad no one else wants to join his Shark Club. His peers and parents are quickly growing tired of his current

    obsession. When Jamie's teacher, Mr. Claxton, brings in a new class pet, Jamie is put in charge. But Jamie has an accident

    while feeding it, and everyone becomes upset with him. He needs to find a way to make things right. In the end, he comes up

    with a solution that pleases both his teacher and classmates, a solution that also gives Jamie an opportunity to share his newest obsession—lizards.

    ● Week 3: Chapters 1-5

    ● Week 4: Chapters 6-10


    West Meadow Detectives #1: The Case Of The Snack Snatcher (2 weeks): Meet Myron: a third-grade detective who loves

    logic, facts and solving mysteries. He does not love new things. Unfortunately, everything is new this year: Myron has a new

    baby sister, his family has moved across town, and now he’s starting his first day at a new school. But when the school

    kitchen is burgled, leaving the morning snacks nowhere to be found, Myron gets his chance to crack the case with help from

    his classmates from Resource Room 15. Myron’s unique perspective from the autism spectrum makes him a top-notch sleuth.

    Similarly, the other kids in his resource room demonstrate creative problem solving and unique talents that come in handy for

    the case. Together with his detective partner, the hyper-energetic Hajrah, and tech-savvy Danielle, known as “Glitch,” Myron

    gets to the bottom of the mystery — all while trying to avoid the school bully, Sarah “Smasher” McGuintley, who’s intent on

    sabotaging their efforts.

    ● Week 5:Chapters 1-6

    ● Week 6: Chapters 7-12


    Wild Cards (2 weeks): Matt loves Monster Zap cards. No, no, Matt LOVES Monster Zap cards. He has Monster Zap toys, reads

    Monster Zap books and wears Monster Zap underwear. Matt and his friends like to trade the cards at school, as the

    schoolyard is so empty and dirty, there isn't much else for them to do at recess. But when kids start fighting over Monster Zap

    and the cards are banned, Matt realizes that the school has big problems, maybe even bigger problems than the fights the

    cards caused. With the help of their teacher, and a superhero in disguise, Matt and his classmates set out to save Monster

    Zap and end up doing a lot more than that.

    ● Week 7:Chapters 1-5

    ● Week 8: Chapters 6-10