• Uplift Summit International Preparatory



    Question: What do we do in Yearbook Club?


    Answer: Commitment to Excellence


    The Uplift Summit International Preparatory full-coloryearbook is in the process of establishing a tradition of excellence inscholastic publications. This year, the staff’s goal is to define and recordthe school year in a poignant and provoking photographic historical record thatcreates lasting memories of student life, sports, academics, clubs, our schoolcommunity, and most importantly, the people who breathe life into our school,our scholars.


    Membersof the yearbook staff are entrusted to plan the yearbook from cover to cover.Under student leadership in addition to Advisor direction, we decide allcontents, interviews, photographs-captured moments, article writing, page designand final review at completion to assure appropriate representation of SummitInternational Preparatory is tastefully and accurately portrayed. This is arole that we take very seriously. We schedule and conduct club picture day anddistribute the pictures. We also sell and design advertising. We conduct surveys;assemble all senior photos and senior superlatives. In short, we do it all!It’s a lot of work, a lot of fun, and it is an incredible real-world publishingexperience. This is your chance to be a prominent part of your school’shistory. It’s a fast paced, deadline-oriented team of hard workers. Truth andtrust are key elements of our mission for the yearbook.


    Weare currently accepting applications for new staff members for the YearbookClub. By applying for become an active member in a position on the Summityearbook staff, you are accepting a trusted role in recording our school’shistory, becoming a member of a team and a co-curricular activity that willrequire after school hours some days, including  some Saturday mornings, especially whenpressed to meet a deadline. Because our yearbook is produced 100 percentdigitally, it is highly recommended that you have use of a 5 megapixel (orhigher) digital camera. This is not a requirement, but your job will be mucheasier if you have use of your own camera, cable and memory card. The yearbookis currently produced in the Primary Building computer lab upstairs on Dellcomputers using internet software.


    **Tojoin the Yearbook staff, you must have a B or better average in your Englishclasses, complete an application, and submit two recommendation letters. It isalso required that your overall grades are average or above in every subject.