2019-2020 UNHP Enrichment Committee Giving Program


    We are on an exciting journey here at UNHP and we want every family to join us! Our mission is to provide the best educational experience for our students. The UNHP Enrichment Committee solicits donations from our families and outside sponsors to ensure that our kids can have access to the resources and experiences that will drive their future success.
    To achieve this, we have developed a NEW UNHP Enrichment Committee Giving Program called “Join The Journey” and have aligned the giving levels by family rather than by scholar to make it more affordable and easier for every family to Join The Journey!

  • Donate NOW to take advantage of the many benefits!

    The Enrichment Committee wants to reach our goal of 100% participation from every family at UNHP. Your participation counts when you give at any level – whether $50 or $5,000! If you give toward this campaign, our scholars will win the following rewards:

    Family Participation

    *  No formal dress means scholars will be able to wear their polo shirts instead of their Monday formal uniform. Please note, scholars may be required to wear their formal uniform for special events such as the first day of school and other days as announced.

  • Top School Award

    This year, we will have a special competition between the Primary, Middle and Upper Schools.  The school with the most funds raised will win a Pizza Party AND the losing Directors will win a special trick!

  • 6 Reasons to Donate!

    • Simplified giving levels
    • Very affordable
    • Donations by family
    • Spread over 12 months
    • More rewards
    • Enriches our students!

Giving Level Achievement: Parent Recognition

  • For each of our families that give at either of the levels below, we will print your names in the yearbook to recognize your generous donations:

    panther gold     panther green     panther silver

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Enrichment Fund?

    We know there are many parents who haven’t been at the school long or maybe have just never heard of the “Enrichment Fund”. The Enrichment Fund is the pool of money that we collect from the generous donations of our parents every year so that we can supplement the UNHP school budget. In the past, the fund has been used to build the Student Activity Center (SAC), resurface the playground for the primary students, and pay for field trips and other special activities!

    Why do we need an Enrichment Fund?

    As you know, UNHP is an amazing school – that’s why you went through all of the enrollment and lottery process in order to join here!! Our scholars are equipped with technology, classroom learning and very rewarding experiences that you just don’t find at most private schools and certainly not at schools with zero tuition. But in order to provide that, we must have our Enrichment Fund. Because there is no tuition and we only get 80% of our funding from the state, we ask that every family play a small part in making a BIG difference in the UNHP learning environment. For example, every field trip, every sports game, every time we take a bus anywhere, it’s $1,500! Imagine how much transportation costs alone would be in just one school year! Instead of asking parents to pay out of pocket for field trips, classroom parties, class projects, teacher supplies, technology, etc, we ask for a one time donation from each family.

    Why are the incentives changing? We give $365 every year and always get no formal dress on Mondays.

    Our goal with changing the Giving Program this year is to make the rewards more equitable and inclusive and less expensive for all families at UNHP. Every single dollar makes a difference toward us being able to equip our scholars and our teachers with what they need for the school year and we want everyone to know that your contributions, no matter the amount, are going toward our goal of 100% participation!

    How will the money I donate be spent?

    These are just a few of the ways this year’s budget, if we meet our goal of $300,000, will be allocated across the school:

    • Primary/Middle School Field Trips - $40,000
    • Athletic Transportation - $15,000
    • Teacher Grants for class projects & supplies - $20,000
    • Textbooks & Classroom materials - $15,000
    • Field Day Events - $10,000
    • Athletic Banquet - $5,000
    • Scholar Clubs - $5,000
    • Departmental Discretionary - $10,000
    • Teacher Appreciation - $5,500
    • Library books & enhancements - $10,000
    • SAC Interior Window Shades - $10,000
    • Playground shades - $20,000
    • SAC stage renovations - $80,000
    • Car line scholar shade/rain guard/ bike stands - $60,000
    • Classroom Parties - $2,000