Deborah D. Hargrove (Debbi)
    Upper School Dean of Scholars
    972.501.0645, ext. 223204
    Office Hours:  Whenever needed!

    Undergraduate Degree:
    Auburn University
    B.S. English
    B.S. Secondary Education
    Graduate Degree:
    Auburn University
    M.A. Counseling and Psychology
    M.Ed. Secondary English Education
    I was born and raised in the lush, beautiful state of Alabama and therefore appreciate all things Auburn (War Eagle!) and loathe all things about that "other school" that is unfortunately located in my state. There is a prevalent saying in the South,  "I cheer for Auburn and whoever Alabama is playing!"  And we are NOT kidding, either!!  
    All I ever wanted to do in my life was be a teacher ~ and later a counselor because of the profound influence of my own high school counselor.  In all of my years as an educator, I have taught both middle and high school: all levels of English, reading, study skills, speech, and a Bible class.  I have sponsored Student Council, coached cheerleaders, and even learned how to drive a school bus! As life so often is apt to bring us surprises, I have now found myself as the Upper School Dean of Scholars, which I see as an extension of mothering, teaching, and counseling.  
    I am blessed with a quiver full of my own children: some biological, some "bonus," some I was just lucky enough to pick up along my life's journey.  There is one son-in-love, one daughter-in-love, and SIX little angels who call me "Nanner" and get whatever they want from me. 
    2018/19 is my tenth year at North Hills, and while time has flown by,  I still believe every single day that I am beyond blessed to be here.  In all of the educational environments I have had the pleasure to serve, this one is undoubtedly, the neatest, the coolest, the most unique.   I love it here and hope to stay for at least another decade!  
    If I can ever do anything to help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.  It is absolutely my honor and privilege to work with you and your children.