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    Jakkia Hollingsworth
    Dean of College Prep
    Academic Counselor
    Email: jhollingsworth@uplifteducation.org
    Phone: 972-501-0645  ext.3516
    Office Hours: 7:30 am- 4:15 pm
    Undergraduate Degree:
    Florida International University
    B.A. Sociology/Anthropology

    Graduate Degree:
    University of Phoenix
    M.M.- Organizational Management
    I was born in Dallas, Texas and spent a large part of my life in Miami, Florida.  Living in Florida was a beautiful experience,as it introduced me to a variety of cultures.  I left Miami loving the beautiful diversity that makes the country in which we live. 
    I developed a love for students during my time as an English teacher and higher education professional, working in undergraduate admissions.  I am going into my 14th year as an educator and I love youth. They keep you honest and aware!Seeing the joy in students as they reach their educational goals provides me the growth and reward necessary to approach each day with excitement and a ceaseless commitment to student success.  As long as we act in the best interest of students, then we will always be successful.
    I am married with a full house of five wonderful children that range from six to 16 years of age. I have a one football player, one golf player, one tennis player, and two very active in many sports and activities.  They keep my life rich, eventful, and full of love and laughter. 
     I have been at North Hill Preparatory for four years and look forward to many more to come. I am grateful to be here with your children. They are all unique, special, and a joy to work with. They do not simply recite the North Hills Preparatory student pledge, they live it and inspire us all along the way.