• Gregory Peebles
    MYP/DP Humanities Teacher
    Email: gpeebles@uplifteducation.org
     Office Hours: Posted on Website
    Tutoring Hours: Posted on Website
    Primary Room Number: 115
    Classroom Website: sites.google.com/site/mrpeebleshumanities
    Grades: 9/11/12
    Undergraduate Degree:
    Texas A&M University - College Station
    Biography: This will be my fourth year teaching IB Humanities. Being a native of Texas and attending the best university in our great state, Texas A&M University, I am well versed in all types of humanities topics. As well as being knowledgeable I am extremely passionate about all humanities subjects. The approach that I take in my classroom is that what is best for my students is what will be done in my class. With that said, I love have fun and allowing students to experience history.