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    Carmella Trevizo
    Science Teacher 
    Office Hours:7:30-4:30
    Tutoring Hours:
    Primary Room Number:122
    Grades: 7
    Undergraduate Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies
    University of Texas in Arlington
    Graduate Degree: Interdisciplinary Science
    University of Texas in Arlington

    My name is Ms. Trevizo and I am excited to start an exciting and successful new year with your scholar. I have 16 years of teaching experience. I have taught math and science over those 16 years with most of my experience in middle school. I have a masters in science from the University of Texas at Arlington. I enjoy teaching Science.  Everything in our world has roots in Science.  I like to know what and how things work.  As we start this year I want to share this knowledge about Science to your scholar.  I also what your scholar to see Science as I do and inspire their love and lifelong journey of learning Science.  As a parent, you are the most important person in your scholar’s life, and I want to work with you to build a partnership.  I need your support on assignments/projects, and academic goals. My belief is that "All kids can learn and will learn if given the opportunity.”  I know with your support and mine our scholars will have a successful year!