Uplift North Hills Preparatory participates in the Primary Years Program. At the heart of the program’s philosophy is a commitment to structured, purposeful inquiry as the leading vehicle for learning.

    Six transdisciplinary themes of global significance provide the framework for exploration and study:


    Current unit o   Who We Are

     In this unit we focus on how make and maintain friendships. We learn the qualities of a good friend. We also learn about different types of families. We focus on how all families are different.


         o   How We Organize Ourselves
    This unit focuses on jobs and how they help our communities. We will do a brief overview of various jobs in our community such as policemen, firefighters, and farmers. We will have different visitors from the community come speak with us about their job. Our first visitor is a dentist.
     Students will learn why jobs are important in our lives and the difference between needs and wants.To end our unit on October 30th students will select a job and dress up that day. Students will present their job to the class, sharing what they do, why their job is important and what tools they use in their job.

    o   How We Express Ourselves

    In this unit we focus on classic fairy tales. Students learn all the parts of the story including characters, setting, problem, solution, and sequencing. Students also learn about the writing process and what steps they should take to write a story.

    o   Where We Are In Place and Time

    This unit focuses on all the aspects of how people adapt to their surroundings based on time, place, weather. We will discover how technology has changed over time. We will learn about the importance of historical figures and how we can be a good citizen. 
                 o   How the World Works
    In this unit we focus on the various landforms that are found in the world around us. We also spend time learning about natural resources and how to conserve them.  

    o   Sharing the Planet

    In this unit we focus on each animal group. We learn about each Animal Kingdom and what makes each group of animals unique.