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    If you SEE something, SAY something!


    Do you need to report something to the counselors or administration?  You may do so at the appropriate link below.  You may choose to report anonymously, but keep in mind that it is often easier for us to follow up if we know who to ask. 


    Middle School
    Upper School


    Secondary Counseling Staff

    Jakkia Hollingsworth, (jhollingsworth@uplifteducation.org)
    Dean of College Prep
    Alumni Counselor
    MaBie Jo Gibbs, (mgibbs@uplifteducation.org)
    Academic Counselor, last names A-K 
    Emery Snyder, (emsnyder@uplifteducation.org)
    Academic Counselor, last names L-Z
    Langston Ross, (lross@uplifteducation.org)
    Road to College Counselor
    Christina Sanchez, (csanchez@uplifteducation.org)
    Social Counselor
    Melissa Richardson, (mrichardson@uplifteducation.org)
    Middle School Interventionist 

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