"Be true to your work, your word, and your friend." --Henry David Thoreau

    Make sure you check the website every day! 


    Make sure there are ten dividers labeled as follows:

    • Notes
    • Daily Work
    • DBQ
    • Short Answer
    • Long Essay
    • Primary Sources
    • Secondary Sources
    • Geography
    • Study guides
    • Quizzes

    Unless otherwise specified, you should bring your book, binder, and supplies to every class.



    A day kids—-let us make “Imminent Danger” due Tuesday and “Indian removal” due Thursday...that is all.



    On Chapter 11 Notes...please skip #5.  I got ahead of myself.****



    ***10/1/18 - 2B NOTES!****


    Good morning! I am meeting with an insurance adjuster right now because of the hail damage on my roof...I will be a bit late to school in case anyone is looking for me.  I will be there in time for 2nd period...just not for before school things...***




    In honor of Tax Free Weekend, let's make the supplies due Monday and Tuesday of next week.



    3A! I forgot to give you your homework!  Please come by and pick up a copy or you can get one from my webpage (Helpful Documents)




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